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Advancing Practical Applications and Unlocking Quantum Utility in 2023

  • As 2023 draws to a close and by human nature we are inclined to reflect on its highlights, breakthroughs, plans laid out at the start, connections made and growth opportunities taken, in parallel to setting out new heights to achieve in the coming year, at Terra Quantum we look back on a landmark year for our company and the broader quantum computing industry.

  • What excites and energizes us most, 2023 cemented hybrid quantum computing as the main strategic thrust and a pragmatic near-term strategy for real-world advantage, as endorsed by McKinsey and other respected voices. By combining quantum and classical resources in the best way, we made leaps towards unlocking quantum's revolutionary potential today. Moreover, as 2023 unravelled, we've further seen advancements in other areas like Quantum Machine Learning (QML) & Quantum Security. While AI gripped the world with the power of LLMs, making significant waves in business and society, it's now clear that the next evolution of AI will come through QML. 

  • In a nutshell, through our scientifically advanced proprietary approaches, our high-performance hybrid quantum algorithms and applications built on strong foundations of quantum machine learning and tensor networks, partnerships with industry leaders and a drive to democratize quantum access, we moved closer to our vision of making quantum utility and quantum security a reality for businesses to tap into, with confidence and high rewards.

Partnering with Industry Leaders on Pioneering Solutions for Performance Enhancement

In collaboration with leading organizations, we developed an array of first-of-their-kind quantum and hybrid solutions to complex business problems, such as:

  • A quantum-powered approach to routing and logistics for optimising non-routine LNG shipping with Uniper, showcasing the potential to unlock significant additional value through operational efficiency;
  • Improving the completion rate of satellite missions to 98.5%, leveraging a hybridized quantum-enhanced reinforcement learning approach, developed with Thales;
  • Optimizing the geometry of a chemical mixer design solution with Evonik, enabling significantly improved mixing efficiency;
  • Creating an options pricing method with Cirdan Capital that achieves 75% speed-up and cost saving, leading towards the Monte Carlo engine of the future;
  • A quantum machine learning model for enhanced GPS and emergency response with Honda Research Institute, achieving faster evacuation time in critical moments.

These partnerships, as well as other projects with leading companies such as HSBC and Schaeffler Group, exemplify how hybrid quantum solutions can drive transformative value today, outperforming classical methods. 

If you'd like to know more about any of these case studies, we invite you to get in touch with our team.

Committed to accelerating the adoption and implementation of quantum-powered solutions, we are actively pursuing collaborations which will help scale our efforts and speed up our ambitions. One such endeavour is our recently announced collaboration with NVIDIA, focused on developing quantum-accelerated applications and thus bridging the gap between classical and quantum computing, leveraging hybrid algorithms. As highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, quantum algorithms are well suited to GPUs thanks to their ability to handle dense math and high bandwidth memory. “It’s a workload which is a great fit for GPUs for the same reasons that AI is a great fit for GPUs" - Timothy Costa, Director of HPC & Quantum Computing, NVIDIA.



Empowering Our Customers with a Secure, Scalable and Accessible Ecosystem for Building Powerful Solutions

The recent announcement of TQ42, our Enterprise-grade Quantum as a Service Ecosystem, marks a significant milestone in our journey as well as a key highlight of the industry's progress this year. While our experts continue to deliver bespoke customer solutions, TQ42 takes a giant leap in democratizing access to groundbreaking quantum-powered tools, providing secure access to world-class quantum algorithms, enterprise-grade applications and hybrid quantum computing resources that empower users to build performance-enhancing solutions, no advanced coding required. A Python SDK with robust developer tools is also available.

TQ42 enables diverse organizations to engage with quantum technology flexibly, marking a giant leap in its adoption and value creation." – Markus Pflitsch, CEO & Chairman of Terra Quantum

Your invitation awaits! Join us on this thrilling adventure with TQ42. Sign up for early access to our Beta program and unlock the untapped potential of hybrid quantum computing.



Pushing Boundaries with Cutting-Edge R&D that Powers Ever-advancing Solutions Outperforming Existing Methods

Motivated by an incredible drive to redefine what's possible, our world-class research team published over 35 groundbreaking scientific papers and produced technical and business whitepapers covering Quantum Biology, Quantum Security and Quantum Solutions Powered by Tensor Networks, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and capability with hybrid quantum solutions. Though practical performance enhancement results remains our north star, revolutionary R&D fuels the innovation behind ever-evolving solutions that continue to raise the bar for real-world quantum utility.


Paving the Way to Unprecedented Data Transmission Security Over Existing Global Fiber-optic Networks

Equipping the world with unbreakable Quantum Security remained one of our focus and strength areas in 2023. The unrelenting effort of our applied research team led to a new world record in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), transmitting quantum-encrypted data over a 1,032-kilometer fiber-optic network, exceeding the previous speed record by 10,000 times. Our breakthrough, leveraging conventional hardware, brings accessible global long-distance end-to-end security without specialized equipment, using multi-photon states to boost the optical signal's strength. At a transmission rate of 34 bits per second, this marks a significant leap towards a scalable global quantum-secure communication network, with applications ranging from defense against corporate espionage to securing communications and financial transactions across various sectors.


Carving the Path Forward

As we venture into 2024 and beyond, we are more driven and confident than ever. At the forefront of the industry's evolution towards practical applications, Terra Quantum is ideally positioned to deliver tangible quantum utility for intricate business challenges. Our unique strengths lie in harnessing hybrid quantum computing, synergizing our world-class talent with cutting-edge solutions and products, powered by the impressive potential of quantum machine learning and tensor networks.

Terra Quantum Delivering Excellence Across Key Areas: Risk Analytics Routing & Scheduling, Quantum Chemistry, Power Grid Optimization,

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to empower our customers with our pioneering low-code Quantum-as-a-Service platform, TQ42. Building upon our market-leading advancements in QML and Tensor Networks, we'll delve deeper into scaling customer solutions across pivotal domains such as risk analytics, routing & scheduling, chemistry, and power grid optimization, while working with our customers to identify new problems that can benefit from the impact of hybrid quantum computing.

In our commitment to practical quantum advancements, we're also set to expand the horizons of quantum-secure networks. It's an exciting journey, and we are honored to have you alongside us as we navigate this immense field of possibilities and carve the path forward.