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Terra Quantum Recognized as Europe's Leading Quantum Technology Company

  • Terra Quantum was recognized by Handelsblatt as Europe's highest-valued quantum technology company, showcasing its strong position in the rapidly evolving quantum technology landscape and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

  • Terra Quantum's success is driven by its three core capabilities in the realm of business performance enhancement: Quantum Machine Learning (TQml), Quantum Optimization (TQopt), and Quantum Simulation (TetraBox), which enable businesses to extract valuable insights, streamline operations, and accelerate innovation.

  • As a leader in Europe's quantum technology revolution, Terra Quantum remains committed to delivering innovative solutions, staying at the forefront of quantum research and development, and empowering businesses to harness the power of quantum technology, not only in terms of performance, but also in protecting their business data and communications against future quantum threats.

A recent piece published in Handelsblatt highlighted Terra Quantum's position as the highest-valued quantum technology company in Europe, according to Pitchbook.

The article discusses how European quantum startups outperformed their global competitors last year, with investments soaring by 47%. In contrast, global investments in quantum technology startups decreased by 27% and the entire startup sector received 38% less funding.


Handelsblatt attributes this upward trend to recent technological breakthroughs and increased government funding in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom.  We invite you to read the full article in English here and learn more about how Terra Quantum is driving the future of quantum technology.

At Terra Quantum, our success is driven by our focus on delivering value to our clients today, through three core capabilities:

Quantum Machine Learning (QML)

Our QML solutions leverage the power of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms to enhance pattern recognition, improve prediction accuracy, and optimize complex tasks. By combining the strengths of classical and quantum computing, we enable businesses to extract valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions.

Our highly customizable QML toolbox is easily accessible through TQ42 and democratises access to powerful quantum tools.

Quantum Optimization

Our quantum optimization techniques identify optimal answers that classical methods may overlook. We help businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency. Our professional optimization analytics service allows us to formulate and solve problems, delivering a 40% increase in profitability for a global LNG logistics company and a 7% reduction in empty miles for vehicle routing problems.

Quantum Simulation

Our quantum simulation capabilities harness the power of tensor networks to deliver exponential speedup for large-scale systems. By breaking the curse of dimensionality, we enable businesses to simulate complex scenarios, optimize designs, and accelerate innovation across various industries.

Our comprehensive tensor networks solution enables us to perform black-box optimization, simulate chemical systems, and solve complex mathematical problems, achieving:

  • A 65% compression of language models,
  • A 100x speedup in conformer search
  • A 5x compression in CFD tasks
  • A 75% speedup in options pricing

Terra Quantum's CEO and Founder, Markus Pflitsch, is quoted in the Handelsblatt article, stating, "Quantum technologies are on the verge of fundamentally changing the world, and faster than expected.". Pflitsch further emphasizes the potential for commercial applications in financial services, enabling faster and more efficient calculations, as well as in drug research within the healthcare sector.

As we continue to spearhead Europe's quantum technology revolution, we remain committed to empowering businesses to tackle their most challenging problems through the most advanced quantum technologies available. Our innovative solutions unlock business performance but also protect company data and communications against future quantum threats thanks to our growing suite of quantum security products and solutions.

To learn more about how Terra Quantum can help your business harness the power of quantum technology and book a demo, please contact us at