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Quantum Computing

Next-level performance, today.

Quantum computing will transform our everyday lives, thanks to unprecedented computational power. But there are advantages now without having to wait for a fully fault-tolerant quantum computer to arrive.

Unlock commercial advantage, now
We provide unique infrastructure and a proprietary hybrid approach, integrating the power of quantum and classical computing to unlock extraordinary speed and efficiency.


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Superconducting Quantum Processing Units (QPUs)

We are developing QPUs in a new approach to superconductivity, built for scale. This approach can unlock the use of QPUs in the next generation of industrial and consumer devices.

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Classical Chip Development

We are using new ferroelectric materials that enable negative capacitance in field effect transistors. This extends the lifeline of Moore’s Law, and can underpin the next generation of computing devices.

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Hybrid Quantum Cloud

With our partner, QMware – a leading cloud computing company – we offer end-to-end capabilities and GAIA-X, GDPR and CCPA compliant data handling. Access our quantum simulator, QPUs from across the ecosystem, and unique in-memory computing.

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Use Case: The Future of Quantum Biology

Overcoming the bottlenecks of conventional binary von Neumann architectures is a critical step in the transition to creating a truly human-like thinking machine. This is achieved by emulating and simulating neuroscience principles of biological brains, both in quantum and classical hard- and software.

To achieve this goal, we must understand that new connections of a quantum nature can appear between qubits. These spontaneous connections, termed ‘quantum spikes,’ may result from an entanglement phenomenon, and may effectively represent the quantum neuro-principles of the human brain.

“Terra Quantum contributes substantially to the European build-out through its world-class expertise and launch of the first-ever Hybrid Quantum Cloud.”

Applications across different industries will benefit from hybrid quantum computing for optimization, machine learning, and simulation, leading to innovation, profitability, and efficiency.
Hybrid benefits

We use the best of both worlds – classical and quantum hardware and software – to build competitive advantage for our customers.

Leveraging the QMware cloud, we use and provide high-performance computing power for pre- and post-processing, and bring in quantum mechanics for the most complex problem solving. This approach will continue to prevail once native quantum hardware matures.

Quantum hardware is rapidly evolving, but not commercially viable yet
We work with and evaluate all forms of quantum processors, testing our quantum algorithms for performance enhancement and scaling behavior.
Bridging the gap to build scalable solutions
Our hybrid quantum cloud enables us to merge classical and high-performance computing with elements of quantum computing.
Building hybrid business advantage
Our approach allows us to address industrial problems at scale. We build scalable quantum applications by customizing software with the relevant hardware to get the best results.
  • Business Advantage Today

    Leveraging our hybrid approach is solving real-world problems in their full complexity across optimization, machine learning and simulation.
  • Next-level Performance

    Once applications are set up on our platform, they continuously improve as the power of quantum processors mature.
  • Application-specific & Scalable Hardware

    An easily accessible platform integrates with your existing workflows and applications, ensuring hybrid workloads that combine the best of classical and quantum computing.
  • Strategic Flexibility

    There is no need to risk a “bet” on a certain type of quantum hardware, or a particular software or hardware player. We are quantum-agnostic, which means we will always choose the best platform for the best performance.

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Quantum tech is here.
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