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Quantum Security

The time to act is now.

The world's current encryption systems are vulnerable, and the threat of hackers trying to ‘store now, decrypt later’ poses huge challenges for entities entrusted with data. We provide ubiquitous quantum security.

Quantum technologies threaten all classical security solutions

Even the strongest versions of classical encryption may be decipherable by quantum computers within a few years.

We understand the threat.

Achieve ultimate security

Our solutions combine the best of QKD, true randomness (via QRNG) and quantum cryptography to secure communication between devices and systems.

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Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

Our QKD solutions enable parties to encrypt communications by securely sharing secret keys at high speeds and over long distances.

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Quantum Cryptography

We offer quantum cryptography algorithm libraries and align to compliance standards, plus universal hash functions.

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Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG)

Our hardware devices provide true randomness based on quantum mechanical phenomena.

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“Terra Quantum has consistently proven its leading role in driving the second quantum revolution. Its pioneering quantum applications have tremendous potential, for example to solve the imminent quantum cryptography challenges.”

We're aligned with the standards

We implement post-quantum standards from compliance and standards bodies and enhance them with proprietary solutions in QKD and QRNG. We've submitted to – and passed – NIST-compliant test suites.

Our differentiators

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Our QKD protocol uses principles of physical loss control, ciphering schemes, global distance, and unconditional security without the need for any trusted nodes.
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Our QRNG devices have passed well-known randomness tests and use fiber, lasers and diodes for accuracy. We offer free post processing for some devices, and remote control for parameter adjustments.
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We provide solutions in blockchain security and cloud security using a custom quantum-resistant cryptography approach, plus our quantum vault.
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Valerii Vinokur

Chief Technology Officer USA

What was once believed unbreakable doesn’t exist anymore.

Let’s get started.

Quantum tech is here.
We unlock its business value for you.