Deep Tech: the Final Frontier in Platform Technologies


1960s - 1970s
Silicon chips enable modern computing
Desktop computers


1980s - 1990s
Processing power drives innovation
Instantaneous global connectivity


2000s - Present
Available all the time, everywhere
Information spreads like wildfire


2010s - Future
Increasing machine autonomy, large-scale life engineering
Revolutionary impact on industries

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Terra Quantum AG is a world-leading quantum technology company led by senior finance executive and quantum physicist Markus Pflitsch.It develops revolutionary deep tech applications based on quantum computing, hardware, software and algorithms.From its base in Switzerland, Terra Quantum has invested 2 years and substantial funding into building and developing a leading-edge QuantumTech project portfolio with IP and legal rights.The company has attracted top level institutional investment, including a prestigious early stage venture capital firm, and has also received funding from a number of highly regarded business angels and private investors.

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