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Access our latest business whitepapers, research papers and application use cases. Our world-class team of quantum scientists and experts, based in 6 countries across Europe and North America, relentlessly tackle the classically intractable, solve the unsolvable and invent approaches to power the industrial applications of tomorrow, today.

Terra Quantum employees have released more than 2,000 research papers. Explore below a selection of these, filter for your category of interest and reach out if you’d like to further explore the application of any of these topics for your business problems.


A New Path to Quantum Utility - Quantum Software Powered by Tensor Networks

Oct 2023

Quantum Security Business White Paper Our Approach to a Secure Future

Feb 2023

Quantum Biology - The Future of Biology is Quantum

Jan 2023

How hybrid quantum computing creates business benefits today: a scientific outline

May 2022

How hybrid quantum computing creates business benefits today: a business perspective

May 2022

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Terra Quantum employees have released more than 2,500 research papers. Selected publications available here.

Industry quantum computing applications

Quantum Technology and Application Consortium – QUTAC, Andreas Bayerstadler, Guillaume Becquin, Julia Binder, Thierry Botter, Hans Ehm, Thomas Ehmer, Marvin Erdmann, Norbert Gaus, Philipp Harbach, Maximilian Hess, Johannes Klepsch, Martin Leib, Sebastian Luber, Andre Luckow, Maximilian Mansky, Wolfgang Mauerer, Florian Neukart, Christoph Niedermeier, Lilly Palackal , Ruben Pfeiffer, Carsten Polenz, Johanna Sepulveda, Tammo Sievers, Brian Standen, Michael Streif, Thomas Strohm, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Daniel Volz, Horst Weiss and Fabian Winter

Displacement of entanglement back and forth between the micro and macro domains

N. Bruno, A. Martin, P. Sekatski, N. Sangouard, R. T. Thew and N. Gisin

Setting Up Experimental Bell Tests with Reinforcement Learning

Alexey A Melnikov, Pavel Sekatski, Nicolas Sangouard