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Introducing TQ42, the Enterprise Grade Ecosystem for Accelerating the Path to Production and Innovation

  • TQ42 delivers access to Terra Quantum's advanced quantum algorithms and robust hybrid quantum cloud infrastructure, offering a streamlined, secure gateway for a range of users. Ideal for developers skilled in Python, APIs, and command-line operations, TQ42 is currently available to select companies in beta. Following the initial beta period, TQ42’s no-code web interface will be available to empower a broad spectrum of data scientists and business analysts to create quantum solutions with no advanced computing or coding expertise needed.

At Terra Quantum, we are motivated by a vision of unlocking real business value through hybrid quantum computing and this includes increasing quantum awareness, education and adoption across industries. This year, we've been fuelled by an audacious vision: to democratize hybrid quantum computing. Our goal? To amplify quantum understanding, application, and integration across various sectors. And now, the moment has arrived to share this quantum leap with you!

Terra Quantum Launches ‘TQ42’ Quantum as a Service Platform for Building Business Solutions

Today we are thrilled to unveil and open up the waiting list for access to powerful quantum enhanced solutions through the launch of TQ42, our Quantum as a Service platform. Get ready to be part of the quantum revolution! TQ42 isn't just a platform; it's a portal to unparalleled quantum-enhanced solutions. This innovative service is a game-changer, offering an accessible, intuitive gateway for businesses to harness quantum computing's might. Whether you're crafting quantum machine learning models, accelerating problem-solving with our advanced optimizers, or delving into the intricacies of quantum systems, TQ42 is your ally, no matter your quantum computing proficiency.

 Currently in its Beta phase, TQ42 caters to the modern developer with a flair for Python or command-line interfaces. But hold tight – there's more! We're soon unveiling a no-code web interface, opening doors for data scientists and business analysts to craft quantum solutions without needing deep expertise in quantum computing or software development. Our new centralized and enterprise-grade ecosystem can support potential use cases such as image classification in production fault detection, chemical mixer design optimization, supply chain schedule optimization, or options pricing simulations in finance, among others.

 TQ42 isn't just powerful; it's secure, scalable, and compliant, designed to meet your most stringent privacy requirements. Dive into our repository of fine-tuned hybrid algorithms, or create bespoke models using our Python SDK and APIs. Our cloud-based, user-friendly platform makes managing experiments, interpreting results, and team collaboration a breeze.

We're on a mission to ignite real innovation by empowering diverse organizations to leverage quantum computing's transformative potential. While our experts continue to deliver bespoke business enhancements, TQ42 takes a giant leap in democratizing quantum access, placing cutting-edge quantum solutions right at your fingertips. This enables smoother production and integration, fostering a community of collaboration and efficiency.

 Your invitation awaits! Join us on this thrilling adventure with TQ42. Sign up for early access to our Beta program and unlock the untapped potential of quantum computing. Your creativity and input are crucial in our shared quest to make quantum computing universally accessible.

The TQ42 journey is just beginning,  and we're eager to witness the wonders you'll create on this platform. Your feedback and collaboration are key in our mission to bring quantum computing to every corner of the business world. Join us, and let's reshape the future together with TQ42!