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The quantum key
to your next level of

Quantum technologies are powering unprecedented innovation, giving early adopters an edge over competitors.

We tackle your most complex problems

Practical performance enhancements and security today – shaping your business tomorrow.

Our solutions deliver quantum utility across various industries and problem types. Below are just a few examples.

as a Service

We deliver end-to-end capabilities in quantum algorithm design, quantum computing and quantum security, making quantum technology more:
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through your coding environment of choice
leveraging our hybrid cloud infrastructure
seamlessly adapting to hardware innovation
Introducing TQ42
The Quantum as a Service platform where you can access breakthrough algorithms, build, tune and run quantum models and unlock business value today.

One platform. Infinite potential.

Our product portfolio

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Quantum Algorithms

Leverage our hardware-agnostic quantum algorithms library to design applications and improve performance.

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Quantum Computing

Execute your applications in a best-in-class, GAIA-X compliant hybrid quantum cloud environment.

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Quantum Security

Implement future-proof, high speed and long-distance quantum-secure communications.

Accumulated funding raised in one of the largest global quantum funding rounds, backed by some of Europe’s leading investors

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