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The quantum key
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Quantum technologies are powering unprecedented innovation and opportunity – especially for those who get there first.

Join the quantum revolution.

Quantum physics is the fundamental language of the universe

The nature of biological systems – including those in our bodies – is quantum physical. Our deep tech innovations move humankind beyond binary von Neumann architecture toward the next frontier, where neuromorphic computing will influence biology.

Quantum as a service

We deliver end-to-end capabilities in quantum algorithm design, quantum computing and quantum security.


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Superior business performance

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Strategic flexibility in quantum hardware

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Ubiquitous quantum security

Our product portfolio

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Quantum Algorithms

Leverage our hardware-agnostic quantum algorithms library to design applications and improve performance.

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Quantum Computing

Execute your applications in a best-in-class, GAIA-X compliant hybrid quantum cloud environment.

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Quantum Security

Implement future-proof, high speed and long-distance quantum-secure communications.

Accumulated funding raised in one of the largest global quantum funding rounds, backed by some of Europe’s leading investors
Our world-class team is here to partner with you

Our team of 150+ quantum scientists – mostly PhDs based in six countries in Europe and North America – relentlessly tackle the classically intractable, solve the unsolvable and invent approaches to power the industrial applications of tomorrow, today.


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Quantum tech is here.
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