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Terra Quantum and Schaeffler Group Cooperate to Pioneer Motion with Quantum Computing and AI

  • Schaeffler Group, the motion technology company, pioneering the future of motion and mobility, and Terra Quantum, one of the leading quantum technology companies driving business performance enhancement, are announcing an innovative collaboration aimed at leveraging quantum technology to drive transformation in mobility and manufacturing.

This partnership encapsulates a special pairing of Schaeffler's rich history in world-class R&D and production excellence with Terra Quantum’s leading advancements in quantum technology.

"Our collaboration with Terra Quantum is of high importance for Schaeffler’s journey of exploring the benefits of quantum technologies" said Juergen Henn, Senior Vice President Strategic Digitalization at Schaeffler Group. "We're excited to see how our manufacturing prowess and engineering expertise could be supplemented with Terra Quantum's quantum capabilities to create a synergistic force in the industry."

Together, Schaeffler Group and Terra Quantum explored use cases across the business and evaluated them from a technical feasibility and business value perspective. The opportunities spanned across industrial automation, manufacturing simulations, product development process improvements and supporting latest product portfolio activities. 

The collaboration project resulted in a clear application roadmap, positioning Schaeffler with the opportunity to build a competitive quantum edge and potentially unlock operational benefits. It also fostered quantum accessibility through tailored training sessions on algorithms, compute, and security.

"We're enthusiastic about our collaboration with Schaeffler, and we’re eager to apply our unique, application-specific hybrid approach to their high-value, high-complexity challenges," said Markus Pflitsch, Founder and CEO of Terra Quantum. "We're confident this cooperation will yield cutting-edge applications to elevate Schaeffler's innovation and performance to new peaks."

This cooperation strives to push the frontiers of industrial manufacturing for Automotive and Industrial products of Schaeffler and to pave the way for a future enriched by unravelling the combined potential of hybrid quantum technology and AI.