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Terra Quantum says simulator speeds up design for fluid mixing

  • Terra Quantum and Evonik team up to improve efficiency of fluid mixing devices

OAKLAND, California, April 25 (Reuters) - Terra Quantum, a quantum computer hardware and software startup based in Germany and Switzerland, said on Tuesday it has developed quantum algorithms to speed up the design process for machines to mix fluids.

The algorithms were created together with German specialty chemical firm Evonik Industries by simulating quantum computers, which are still not viable for commercial use.

Mixing two chemicals together to create a new one requires getting the speed, temperature, proportions, viscosity, mixer shape and many other elements right. Any deviation can lead to a different result.

That is a problem that quantum computers can eventually have an advantage over conventional computers in solving. Quantum computers are better at optimization questions that involve an exponential number of answers, Terra Quantum Chief Product Officer Florian Neukart said in an interview.

"With our algorithms, we can improve the simulation and show that with less experiments of physical design you can ... do this efficient fluid mixing," Neukart said.

The algorithms run on a simulator built by Terra that imitates a quantum computer using conventional computers and special software. This enables developers to create quantum software without quantum computers, which promise to be millions of times faster than today's fastest supercomputers.

Terra said the algorithms using quantum computer simulators can improve the efficiency of developing industrial chemical mixers by 45%, saving costs and engineering time.