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Terra Quantum Has Raised $60M to Accelerate Deployment of Their Quantum-as-a-Service Technology

Terra Quantum has raised $60m to accelerate deployment of their Quantum-as-a-Service technology:

  • The landmark round, one of the largest global funding rounds in the global quantum space, underpins Terra Quantum’s pioneering market position in the development of revolutionary quantum computing applications
  • The fresh injection of capital will be invested in research and the acceleration of Terra Quantum’s international expansion
  • Multiple international investors participated in the round, including existing investor Lakestar who joined the Seed round

Zurich – 20 January 2022 – Quantum has become the most important global technology frontier. Terra Quantum AG, one of Europe’s leading quantum technology companies focused on providing an end-to-end technology platform delivering real quantum advantage to its customers already today, Terra Quantum not only supports its industrial clients developing solutions for intractable problems. Its platform is also expected to help corporates and institutions in their fight against climate change by supporting the development of more efficient fertilizers, batteries, electricity grids and much more.

Today’s announcement of a $60m Series A funding, marks one of the largest global funding rounds achieved in the quantum tech space globally, and underscores Terra Quantum’s unique position as a leader of the quantum revolution. Having assembled one of the biggest quantum tech teams globally and focused on algorithms, software, quantum compute and quantum safety, Terra Quantum targets a global customer base.

Most companies will have to adopt quantum to remain competitive and Terra Quantum’s customers can benefit from Terra Quantum’s market leading position as a solution provider with the ability to provide quantum advantage on a commercial scale already today. Through its proprietary quantum cloud, Terra Quantum is able to offer a unique end-to-end Quantum-as-a-Service technology platform to its customers.

The new shareholders include two of the largest and globally renowned German family offices and one of the most influential cryptocurrency investors globally. The new investors have deep roots and an entrepreneurial background in the pharmaceutical, logistics and blockchain spaces. With their individual investments, they are seeking to ensure faster drug development – more important than ever against the backdrop of the global COVID pandemic, more efficient logistics and quantum security. Lakestar, which backed the company from its Seed round in 2019, has reaffirmed its commitment in this landmark round underlining its firm belief in the potential of Terra Quantum’s pioneering approach focused on revolutionary quantum applications.

Markus Pflitsch, founder and CEO of Terra Quantum says: “The Series A funding round enables us to drive forward our leading position in the field of quantum computing as we have evolved from a DeepTech start-up into a global quantum business. I am extremely proud of our recent milestones having launched the first hybrid quantum cloud data center (QMware) and a super-secure global quantum protocol based on quantum key distribution (QKD), and grateful for the support of all of our partners who have and will support us on our path. Our new investors share my strong conviction with me that quantum will play a pivotal role in all major industries. The new funding will help us to strengthen our research capabilities, accelerate our industrial roll-out, and further extend our “Quantum-as-a-Service” product offering.

In addition, the appointment of industry veterans Prof. Valerii Vinokur as Co-CTO, one of the world’s leading physicists, and Dr Florian Neukart as CPO, quantum expert and former director of Volkswagen’s Data Lab, have been strategically aligned with Terra Quantum’s growth strategy. We have an experienced, talented, and global team with whom we will achieve our ambitious mission to lead the international quantum revolution. We plan to expand our operations globally by opening a new office in Silicon Valley (US) and in the Munich Quantum Valley (Germany). We can’t wait for it.”

Stephen Nundy, partner and CTO at Lakestar says: “We strongly believe in partnering with exceptional technology founders. We have trusted the incredible potential of Terra Quantum’s quantum technology from day one. Terra Quantum has consistently proven its leading role in driving the second quantum revolution. Its pioneering quantum applications have tremendous potential, for example to solve the imminent quantum cryptography challenges. We are incredibly excited to further support Terra Quantum in its continued growth on a global scale.”