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Dr . Florian Neukart Has Joined Terra Quantum AG as Chief Product Officer

Terra Quantum appoints quantum thought leader Dr Florian Neukart, former Director at Volkswagen’s Data Lab, as new Chief Product Officer
• The appointment of Dr Florian Neukart, whose achievements in quantum computing have been recognized in both industry and academia, underlines Terra Quantum’s commitment to leading the second quantum revolution
• A pioneer in using quantum computing to address practical social and environmental challenges, Dr Florian Neukart’s expertise strengthens Terra Quantum’s ambition to significantly shape the dawning age of quantum computing
• Dr Florian Neukart will further bolster Terra Quantum’s network in academia, the global scientific community, and the political sphere

Zurich – 12 October 2021 – Terra Quantum AG, one of the leading quantum technology pioneers in Europe, strengthens its executive team by appointing Dr Florian Neukart, the former Director of Volkswagen Group’s Data Lab and Advanced Technologies Group, as its new CPO. At Volkswagen Group, Florian was responsible for future-proofing the company across all its brands. His work spanned multiple areas, including quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, energy technologies, and mobility. At Terra Quantum, Florian Neukart will be responsible for the product vision, the company’s ability to implement it and ensure continuous product development and improvement. An experienced science and technology communicator, Florian will also continue to create awareness about quantum technologies on behalf of Terra Quantum. Besides his excellent practical expertise, Florian holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science focusing on quantum computing and artificial intelligence. His appointment underlines Terra Quantum’s commitment to leading the second quantum revolution.
Florian’s impressive career has proven the great value of combining academic expertise, practical insights, and entrepreneurial spirit. Before his new role, Neukart co-founded and helped establish Volkswagen Group’s Data Lab – an innovation center focusing on artificial intelligence and quantum computing research and product development, throughout Volkswagen Group’s value chain. With Florian’s expertise, Terra Quantum strengthens its ambition to shape the dawning age of quantum computing significantly.
Besides his role as CPO at Terra Quantum, Florian Neukart is an assistant professor at Leiden University, enabling him to be right at the interface of business and academia. His deep scientific understanding of quantum technologies, as well as his strategic business mindset, will contribute to Terra Quantum’s success story in developing breakthrough technology and products based on quantum technologies.
As CPO, Florian Neukart will further bolster Terra Quantum’s network in academia, the global scientific community, and the political sphere. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Future Council on Quantum Computing, is on the Board of Trustees of the International Foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing and is one of the co-authors of the German Quantum Computing Roadmap.

Markus Pflitsch, founder and CEO of Terra Quantum says, “We’re delighted that Dr Florian Neukart will be joining Terra Quantum as CPO. Florian will be a valuable member of our management team due to his ambitious and inventive nature. His appointment furthermore emphasizes the trend of a growing number of top managers and thought leaders leaving the corporate world to join emerging start-ups.
Throughout his outstanding career, he has proven time and time again that the combination of business and science creates sustainable value. We are very excited to have his innovative mindset and extensive expertise at the company. I can’t wait for our customers and partners to fully benefit from his exceptional insights.”
Dr Florian Neukart, CPO at Terra Quantum, comments on his new role, “To me, technology has always been a way forward, opening up unprecedented possibilities. That is especially true for quantum technologies, as they give us the ability to impact society positively and sustainably. Terra Quantum’s technology is outstanding, and the company is formidably positioned to drive the second quantum revolution, both in R&D and in the industry. I’m excited to join the Terra Quantum family to help further strengthen their capabilities and continue empowering customers to tackle tomorrow’s challenges through implementing and delivering practical quantum applications and technologies. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience in the best manner possible to help carve out the age of quantum technologies.”