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Quantum Collaboration for Accelerating Value and Adoption in the UK

What a London Tech Week this has been! After a week of energising talks, enriching conversations and valuable crystallisations of collective creativity, we are seriously excited for the progress seen and the path forward for the UK deep tech ecosystem.

Quantum Collab - Terra Quantum x Quantum Brilliance London 2023

Opened by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and enhanced by the Minister of State for Science, Innovation and Technology George Freeman MP with his contribution on unleashing the UK quantum industry, this London Tech Week has brought a  refreshing perspective, placing innovation at the forefront of the public agenda and being actively supported by government officials. 

Beyond these great strides, together with our partners at techUK and Quantum Brilliance, we are so proud of the wonderful audience we’ve had the honour of hosting at our event, Quantum Collab: Accelerating Value and Adoption in the UK. 

Special thanks to our wonderful guest speakers, Laura Foster and Steve Suarez, for bringing invaluable wisdom into the perspective of policy shaping and the quantum adoption experience of a tech innovation leader!

Eagerly capturing the insights and value generation opportunities presented by our Terra Quantum colleagues Vishal Shete, Romi Sumaria and Mo Kordzanganeh and our partners Biliana Rajevic and Florian Preis, we spent together an afternoon filled with great energy, socialising, brainstorming, sharing ideas and prompting important questions.

Of these, we’d like to leave you with a few pieces of food for thought, so that together we can smoothen the path to quantum tech adoption:

🗝️  How can we make it more accessible? Simplifying access to knowledge and to usability is key to lowering the adoption barriers.

🤝 Collaboration is another vital ingredient of a healthy development in the industry, also boosting adoption confidence.