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Bolometer Operating at the Threshold for Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

Terra Quantum is proud to announce a remarkable achievement of its fellow team member. Professor Pertti Hakonen of Aalto University developed and experimentally demonstrated, together with his colleagues, a new kind of graphene-based bolometers capable of ultrafast measurements. This breakthrough opens new horizons in quantum technology, allowing for reading out information from quantum qubits measuring their energy with unprecedented accuracy. The results of the research are published in Nature magazine article, R. Kokkoniemi, J.-P. Girard, D. Hazra, A. Laitinen, J. Govenius, R. E. Lake, I. Sallinen, V. Vesterinen, P. Hakonen, and M. Möttönen. Bolometer operating at the threshold for circuit quantum electrodynamics.


Source: Nature, (2020).