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Offering Low-Power Transistors the Size of Human DNA, Terra Quantum Extends Series a Funding to $75 Million

The Zurich-based deeptech company will use the fresh capital for strengthening its offering around data cryptography and cybersecurity

Could this year be an inflection point for turning quantum computing from theory to fact. Seems likely. The year began with Munich’s ​​Black Quant launching a €100 million quantum technology fund to back startups in the quantum technology space, Dutch/American VC firm Cottonwood stepped forward with $75 million to help drive deep tech innovations and French quantum computing startup Alice&Bob raised €27 million to build a fault-tolerant quantum computer.

Another significant player in the deeptech sector, Zurich-based Terra Quantum, raised $60 million Series A in January and is now extending the round to a total of $75 million. The funding in January already marked one of the largest funding rounds achieved in the quantum tech space. The fresh capital will go towards strengthening the company’s offering around data cryptography and cybersecurity.

The startup’s research has also opened up the realisation of future super-low-power transistors the size of human DNA for the first time. This achievement marks an important step in the development of quantum computer designs and nanotech that will enable enhanced spectroscopy, intra-chip communications, new quantum computer architectures, and 6G mobile communications.

Some examples of the real-life application of the scientific breakthrough could imply next-generation diagnostic tools in healthcare. In early cancer detection, for example, it will be possible to use examination methods that no longer interfere with organs (non-invasive techniques). For the first time, spectroscopies can be performed outside the body. This is a milestone for preventive healthcare and modern medicine.

Markus Pflitsch, founder and CEO, Terra Quantum said: “The extension of our Series A and our remarkable breakthrough around negative capacitance only further illustrates our strong trajectory and commitment to leading the global quantum revolution. Terra Quantum is innovating in both the software and hardware space, building the foundation needed for quantum and nanodevices that will shape the future of our society. The applications of our research are endless, and we can’t wait to take the next steps to realise them.”

Valerii Vinokur, CTO, Terra Quantum added: “Our research is another giant leap towards ushering in the next generation of technology. Harnessing negative capacitors and leveraging them in electronic circuits paves the way for a new generation of transistors and optoelectronic resonators. These serve as the foundation of key technologies such as computer chips that power everything from cars to medical equipment.”