We can’t tell God what to do, as Bohr famously commanded Einstein, but we can create our own quantum world. In this mysterious quantum musical world, entangled states will become the subject of everyday conversation and everyone will finally understand that the destiny of both the world and an individual person, even if he is a mathematician, coincide.

In “The Mathematician”, an opera with music by Angelica Komissarenko, scientific knowledge and problems of the scientist’s personal life merge in a magical performance that uses not only the latest multimedia programs but also stands on the shoulders of the giants of classical music as well as the ultra avant-garde.

The Opera will indeed feature soloists, a choir and an orchestra that will perform in styles ranging from bright melodic hits to avant-garde sound structures. However, the music is not created by human inspiration alone, but with the involvement of modern technologies and even artificial intelligence.

The opera “Mathematician” is sponsored by Terra Quantum LLC, an innovative company building on scientific and intellectual developments in the field of quantum technologies. The uniqueness of the company’s approach is their perspective that there will be no branch of science, whether it is physics, maths, biology or psychology that will exist outside the new quantum paradigm of the world.

This holistic viewpoint could indeed be extrapolated to the contemporary arts in general.